Monday, March 31, 2014

Climate Changes And Abnormal Weather – Are We Hurting The Planet?

Climate Changes And Abnormal Weather – Are We Hurting The Planet?

It is no longer a secret that the weather is changing, with abnormal phenomenon happening all around the world. We all know that the planet suffers from these negative weather changes which are getting more and more dangerous as we speak. Is there something we can do about it? Not on a big scale, anyway…

This abnormal weather is the consequence of repeated mistakes made by humans. The constantly increasing pollution – due to car gas emissions, excessive use of deodorants, some kinds of factories, etc – is the main factor that led to the appearance of all sorts of anomalies related to the weather. This phenomenon happens, unfortunately, all over the Globe and seems to be increasing in a concerning rhythm.

This is why we have to be well informed about all this meteorological metamorphosis. And the best way to do this is to access specialized websites in the field. Thanks to the Internet, you can convince yourself about the abnormal weather existing today; you have the opportunity to choose a “disaster video” from a diversified range of videos.

A “disaster video” is – exactly what its name indicates – a video presenting a disaster, a meteorological disaster, to be more specific. Whether it's a tornado, a lightning storm, a hurricane and so on, there are websites that have it all. As frightened as you may possibly be to watch this kind of videos, you should know that ignoring facts will not spare you of the consequences. Put in other words, these meteorological anomalies can happen in your city too, whether you are willing to accept this fact or not. And seeing what they look like is a good way of knowing what to do if, God forbidden, you will ever be forced to deal with them.

Watching a disaster video is always a good way of reminding your own self that you are not immortal and that this kind of things can happen to anyone of us. People “swallowed” by huge tsunami waves or killed in huge hurricanes, houses destroyed by terrible tornados, all of these are no mystery for some unfortunate countries on the Globe. Filmed by amateurs just happening to be nearby when the specific disaster took place, each disaster video has an authenticity that makes it worth to be viewed. Not forgetting also the fact that all of these videos have attached – below the window in which they are displayed – all the information about the filmed phenomenon, like location, temperature, atmospheric conditions and so on.

Even though people are oriented today towards videos presenting the latest fashion/make-up trends, the latest gossips about celebrities, ways of losing weight and other similar things, videos like a disaster video should be paid more attention to. Why? Because these meteorological anomalies are getting more and more frequent. And they can happen to you too.

The abnormal weather that governs the entire Globe today is one of the biggest concerns for top scientists all around the world. In their numerous attempts to identify all the causes that have led to this meteorological crisis and to find out solutions that would remediate the weakness of the weather's status, these people have tried it all. Unfortunately, it's a little bit too late to remediate some of the problems. Some things, indeed, can be done here and there. But the damage, the big damage, has already been done and it's only our – the human race's – fault.